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Cool Rummings™

3 X 330ml


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Bursting with tropical & summer fruits
coupled with a distilled white rum; this
flavour perfectly marinates quality sourced
ingredients which presents the main tasting
note of a rich dark grape. Purple Rain is
destine to spark the parties & festive vibes
as it illustrates a tongue-binding taste.

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We care deeply about the attention to detail that has been invested into our drink. it’s important that the liquid is true to our origins (Jamaica) for instance: sourcing quality ingredients, or more specifically, blending the correct ones to produce an exceptional tasting profile. Bursting with fruit juices/ purées, syrups & essence; we present high-end at a comfortable value.

However, it’s imperative that all of our beverages uphold top craftsmanship via appearance, smell & taste. Within our team the beliefs & vision are consistent which in turn garantees perfection with each flavour created.


Jamaica’s national motto “out of many, one people” lives strong with our values of inclusion and diversity. Our liquid has been influenced and critiqued by the taste buds of our forefathers in the Caribbean, to the new age generation within the UK. With the open mind to perfect our beverage, this has allowed us to create the depth of our cocktails.

Focussing on the journey so far, we believe we’ve designed “the drink for the people”; mature or young, everyone is welcomed to enjoy and relish a real Cool Rummings occasion.


A unique rum punch – an escape from the relentless pace of today’s society. We are here to champion the ‘chill’; we’re here to be the party starter, or the perfect drink companion for your gatherings. Whatever the occasion, Cool Rumming’s rum punch is inspired to provide a touch of fun & a dash of novelty to your rum experience.

Ultimately, we’re here to make each sip a moment to remember and to allow you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying all types of occasions with your friends and family.


Derived from an ‘old family recipe’ (Mr Kegz) the unofficial punch was consumed frequently by family & friends before gaining popularity amongst the wider community in 2017. Fast forward a few years, with detailed planning, motivation & resiliency to obstacles; ‘Cool Rummings’ is now a reality.

As rum (the Caribbean‘s spirit) is the base of our drink, the objective is to assimilate the warm welcoming values of the Caribbean. A beverage that urges unification through family settings & party environments, or a casual rum punch to kick back & chill which echos our drinks slogan “Blessings, Sip Back & Enjoy”.